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discipline with courage & kindness course curriculum
I firmly believe that great kids are not born, but raised, and it’s my life’s passion to help parents raise great kids. To do that, you need to have a plan for discipline.
module 01
choose to be authoritative
As a pediatrician, author, parent, and grandparent, I have extensive experience working with parents and their children, and I can tell you this: strong parenting is a tool, not a talent.

Effective discipline takes a lot of love and hard work, and most parents don’t realize that you have to plan your discipline strategies before an issue arises.

If you don’t, rules are either left unenforced or parents discipline on the spot without thought, creating inconsistency.
  •  Understand the power of choice so you're never disciplining on the fly
  •  Learn about the 3 parenting styles and which one you want to be
  •  Become a smiling brick wall creating healthy boundaries for your kids, and know what to do when they try to push back
module 02
shift your parenting perspective
Before you revise your approach to parenting, you first need to understand why you parent the way you do now. 

All of our experiences leading up to parenthood —the way our own parents disciplined us, our history with authority—affect the way we parent our children.

If our parents were very strict, we may over-discipline our kids in the same way, or run in the opposite direction and become too permissive and easy-going.

Knowledge is power. And once you know your current parenting perspective, you can adjust it for healthier, happier parenting. (And happier kids too!)
  •  Understand your parenting "preload" and perspective.
  •  Step into your authority: why being insecure or hesitant with your discipline is a disservice to your kids
  •  See yourself through your child's eyes: their needs are simpler than you think
module 03
Apply the Four Principles of Healthy Discipline
When we hear the word “discipline”, most of us think of yelling, harsh punishments, and kids who are frustrated and unhappy.

This is one of the biggest parenting stereotypes out there, and I’ve made it my life’s work to teach parents that discipline is LOVE.

That’s where the Four Principles come in.
PRINCIPLE 1: Discipline is an act of love
  •  Good discipline and healthy boundaries will not only keep your children safe, but ensures their success later on.
  •  Learn how to balance healthy discipline with fun.
  •  Downloadable worksheet and guide explores harmful parenting habits and the healthy strategies that can replace them.
PRINCIPLE 2: Understand why your child acts up
  •  Children don’t act up for fun— they can be frustrated, scared, or need more attention from you.
  •  Address how YOU feel when your child acts out, and how it impacts your discipline.
  •  Downloadable worksheet breaks down types of bad behavior and the best way for you to respond.
PRINCIPLE 3: Solid Fences Make Great Kids
  •  Just like a fence around the yard keeps your kids safe while they play, clear boundaries in life act as protection, not prison.
  •  Learn appropriate boundaries for every age, including dress codes and screen time.
  •  Downloadable exercise helps set up clear family rules that everyone can get behind.
PRINCIPLE 4: The real goal is self-control
  •  The goal of discipline is NEVER control or fear— it’s setting your child up to become a happy, healthy 25-year-old.
  •  Understand why children without self-control become adults who will always struggle in life.
  •  Learn the six steps to instilling and modeling self-control.
module 04
Know Where You Are, and Where You’re Going
When it comes to raising great kids, there’s no overnight fix. It takes time and hard work to master intentional parenting, and this assessment section is designed to give you a roadmap.

What are your/your partner’s goals in parenting?

What does your child need from you that he or she is not getting?

How can you change your parenting environment to be more positive and effective?

Your answers to these questions are for you, so be open and honest with yourself. This section requires a lot of vulnerability, but I know you can do it.
  •  Assessment 1: yourself as a parent
  • Assessment 2: your parenting team
  • Assessment 3: your parenting environment
  • Assessment 4: your child

module 05
Learn How to Effectively Correct Bad Behavior
This is where we get to the nitty-gritty of HOW to discipline. Remember that parenting stereotype we talked about earlier?

The second part of it is the belief that discipline is making rules and enforcing them, no matter what.

Discipline is so much more.

This section will teach you the importance of tone, eye contact, and body language, and how your approach to bad behavior makes your children feel.
  •  Learn how to discipline and enforce consequences when needed, and what’s just playful childlike behavior.
  •  Understand the importance of creating a safe space during “peacetime” to build trust and confidence.
  •  Downloadable cheat sheets and checklists for effective discipline strategies at every age.

module 06
Create Positive Moments and Build Great Character
We all have goals for our kids: doing well in school, getting into good colleges, and choosing the right partners in life.

But what’s infinitely more important are the positive character traits that will drive your children to reach for these goals.

Just like enforcing rules, encouraging and modeling good character is a vital part of effective parenting.

I’ve worked with everyone from everyday parents to members of the NFL, and I’ll show you the exact character traits all successful adults share.
  •  The 4 essential character traits you want to build in your children, and why.
  •  Why it’s important to praise your child’s character strengths, not just their performance.
  •  The Egg Roll story: how to teach character by example.

Parenting Great Kids Podcast: The Lessons
Bulletpoint notes, study guides and my "director's cut" remarks from each episode.
Three years ago I started a podcast called "Parenting Great Kids". We've had prolific guest experts and authors like Dave Ramsey, Benjamin Watson, Les Parrott, and Bob Goff to name a few. 
  •  Receive executive show notes and discussion insights straight to your inbox after each new episode.
  •  Get discussion points and strategies to implement based on the podcast topic.
  •  Gain my exclusive director’s cut remarks on my Facebook Lives AND Podcast episodes.
private facebook group access
A community that empowers and educates parents across the world.
The Facebook group is one of my favorite aspects of the Discipline With Courage & Kindness course — this is our tribe.
I created this community so that parents can come together and share their experiences with support and encouragement.
  •  Access resources and join educational discussions with me as your moderator.
  •  Be the first to receive exclusive Meeker Parenting updates and news.
  •  Cultivate relationships with like-minded parents across the country and discuss your parenting concerns, joys, and questions in a safe, kind environment.
Real solutions: the ask dr. meg library
Real Answers to Specific Questions
This library has video, audio, and written responses to SPECIFIC issues I receive questions about from parents across the country.
Find solutions to the unique struggles parents face as they work towards more effective discipline. 
  •  All parents want to be at their best; use this library as a tool for your personal growth.
  •  As we receive more parenting questions, the library expands. What are your biggest questions?
  •  Topics include: tantrums, co-parenting, age-appropriate consequences, sibling rivalries, and more.
10,000 parents, 3 common fears Webinar
(Unreleased - April 15th Release Date)
An unreleased webinar, available only to you! 
Not too long ago, I surveyed over 10,000 parents on their biggest fears when it came to parenting, raising their children, and creating a happy home.
For the first time I’ll be sharing what I learned from this survey, including the 3 most common responses and what they can teach us. 
  •  45+ minute video training about the common fears we all face as parents. 
  •  Exclusive access to an unreleased webinar — not available anywhere else!
  •  Learn that you aren’t alone in your fears and struggles. Other parents are working on the same things as you!
discipline playbook training
3 simple tactics for more effective discipline in common parenting situations. 
One of my most popular offerings — the "Discipline Playbook" — has helped over 7,500 parents understand how to react in the 3 most common discipline situations: The Meltdown, The Explosion, and The Withdrawal. 
  •  During a Meltdown, create calm.
  •  After an Explosion, apply continued correction.
  •  When your child withdraws, give constant care.
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