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Are you still wondering, "Is this course for me?"

I've put together a few of the questions we receive the most. I hope this helps as you consider how best to strengthen your family and your parenting.
Will this course material work for my family?
if you have young kids...
This course is designed to help parents like you start on the right foot when it comes to disciplining your child. Many parents get off to a bad start— they either discipline too much, too little, or establish very bad habits (yelling, stonewalling, pushing kids away, etc.) because they don’t know any better. 

The sooner you start utilizing principles of healthy discipline in your parenting, the happier your child and healthier your relationship will be.
If you have teenagers...
Teenagers, even more so than toddlers, need healthy discipline from parents. Why? Because in this time of their life, they can do serious harm to themselves if they don't have boundaries in place. Teens are not cognitively or emotionally able to establish firm and healthy boundaries in place, so parents must. Think about it like this.

An angry toddler can yell, "No!" to a parent, run into the other room, and have a temper tantrum without doing too much harm to him/herself. But when an angry 16-year-old with a set of car keys in his hands yells, "No!" to a parent and storms out of the house, he can get in his car and do some serious damage to himself or others. 

Every parent must remember that the brain doesn’t finish developing until our early twenties. That means parental discipline is critical to every teen if he is to mature into a healthy adult.

If your kids are grown and gone...
Even if your kids are grown and gone, they are not “adults” until they have fully-formed frontal lobes— the part that controls higher executive functions. And until they do, they still need help from you, the parent. Discipline takes a different shape with a 19-year-old, but the principles for healthy communication and discipline remain the same. 

Every older child needs you, the parent, to put boundaries in place and help him develop control over his life so he can eventually become independent. This course teaches every parent how to implement these strategies.
What will I learn?
My course is designed to first educate, and then empower parents, and I do it through my tried-and-tested combination of Principles and Tactics. I’ll teach you WHAT you need to understand about discipline, and HOW to apply those lessons to your family.

Principles include: understanding your parenting preload and how it affects your parenting style, how to shift your parenting perspective, what it means to be a “smiling brick wall”, the four foundational principles of discipline, and more.

Tactics then teach you how to create positive moments that build character in your children, how to step into your authority as a parent, building confidence and consistency in your decisions, exactly what behaviors to discipline for, and how best to enforce consequences using your child’s Achilles heel.

Bottom line: You don’t need to totally upend your life to be a better parent! You really just need to focus on improving two things: the PRINCIPLES you hold true about parenting, and the TACTICS you use to apply them. My course will help you build and master both.

What’s included in the course?
This isn’t a self-help book that will gather dust on your table; this is an interactive course geared towards all types of learners. This course, completely online and self-paced, covers the foundations of effective discipline and how to use them to achieve your specific parenting goals. With a rich combination of lectures containing 57 videos, 7 audio interviews, and 10 downloadable worksheets, I’ll teach you how to enforce healthy boundaries while making the most of your time with your kids.
What If I’m not ready?
Maybe you’re unsure and want to see what other forms of help are out there. Here is what may happen— you could spend so much time “Googling” solutions periodically that you remain stagnant, and you end up never taking actionable steps towards being a better parent. Time is ticking! Your child is growing up.

By avoiding REAL long-term action, you gear your child towards aggression and stunted emotional development. One answer does not fit all, and this is what my course aims to address: teaching universal principles with specific tactics to make them work for YOUR family.

What if this doesn’t work for me?
I am so confident that you’ll love my course, I’ll offer you 60 days, risk-free. If you’re not satisfied, we’ll issue you a PROMPT and FULL REFUND.

If you’re unhappy with your experience, I guarantee you will see your payment right back in your pocket. However, remember that the time you have with your child is non-refundable. You will never be able to take back the time you have lost aimlessly trying to “figure” out parenting without proper direction. Your time with your child is precious; take action.

Who should I contact for technical support?
You are important to us! If you have any questions or concerns, please send us an email at and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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